Avenatti Smacks Down Trump, Don Jr., Ingraham, Cohen and the GOP

Republicans keep underestimating Michael Avenatti. They think if they call him a “porn star lawyer” he will go away. They don’t realize that he’s one of the top lawyers in the world and has won well over $1 billion in verdicts on behalf of his clients. He has always represented “the little guy” who sues big corporations — and he always wins.

After Avenatti released the information from the third Kavanaugh accuser people started attacking her by saying her account has no credibility because she’s represented by Avenatti. Obviously Trump, Republicans and right-wing media believe they have an easy target in Avenatti but they better think again.

Whenever someone made a derogatory comment about Avenatti on Twitter yesterday he smacked them down hard. He’s not letting his critics get away with cheap shots. Battles are being fought on Twitter, and Avenatti is winning.

Here are some examples from yesterday:

  • On Donald Trump: Trump is a moron. He knows nothing about me or my client. He is trying to divert attention away from Julie as a smokescreen. I challenge him to debate me regarding Kavanaugh and his accusers and our respective backgrounds. He will never agree because he is a coward and weak.”
  • On Graham, McConnell and Grassley: “Why are @ChuckGrassley @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC and Brett Kavanaugh afraid to 1) get the FBI involved and 2) call Mark Judge to testify? Answer – because they want to hide the truth from the American people and they know Kavanaugh is guilty.”
  • On Donald Trump Jr.:  “You haven’t been paying attention. Your dad is the man who had unprotected sex with my “porn star” client when your brother was 4 mos. old and your step mom was at home. How many other “porn stars” has he slept with? You should leave this to the adults and go back to playing.” 
  • On Michael Cohen: “If the criminal Michael Cohen who is a legal idiot and who @realDoanldTramp employed for over 10 yrs is a first rate lawyer according to Trump, I’m ecstatic I’m a “third rate low life” lawyer.” 
  • On Trump’s academic record: “.@realDonaldTrump – you constantly brag about how smart you are. Meanwhile, I think it is obvious that you barely made it through Penn, which happens to be where I went as well. Let’s both publicly release our complete Penn transcripts on Fri. so people can compare. Agreed?” 
  • On Trump’s background: “Trump pretends he is a tough guy. He is nothing of the kind. He grew up spoiled with a silver spoon in his mouth and a gold toilet under his butt. He was handed everything. That is why the majority of America & the UN laughs at him and calls him a con. But at least Putin is a fan” 
  • On Laura Ingraham: You are a garbage journalist working for a garbage network. You just fabricated all of that. Don’t you have some teenage kids to attack or did you learn your lesson the last time from your advertisers?” 

Avenatti is using Twitter and television interviews to get inside the heads and under the skins of his opponents. He is a master at this game which combines brilliant legal and media strategy with street fighting skills.

In the coming days, all of Team Trump, and all of the Republicans in the Senate, will find out that Avenatti is much more than just a “porn star lawyer.” They will find out he is their worst nightmare, and he has come to take them down.