Brett Kavanaugh Cries That He May Never Be Able To Coach Girls Basketball Again

Brett Kavanaugh‘s testimony about the sexual assault allegations against him did not get off to a good start as the nominee complained that because of Democrats he may never be able to coach girls basketball again.

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Kavanaugh also launched a new defense where he claimed that he couldn’t have sexually assaulted women because some of his best friends are women:

Brett Kavanaugh wants America to feel bad for him because he might not be able to coach girls basketball

Keep in mind as Brett Kavanaugh complains that he is worried about not being able to coach girls basketball when he is accused of sexually assaulting women. There was no sympathy for the trauma that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has lived with for more than three decades. There was no admission of mistakes. Brett Kavanaugh‘s statement was a poor me march that was clearly intended to elicit sympathy from Republicans.

Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault and his only defense is that he has lots of female friends and that he loves coaching girls basketball more than anything else in the world. Compare Kavanaugh’s defense with the detailed and credible account of assault that Dr. Ford gave, and it is clear that Kavanaugh is unwilling to admit the truth, and that he is hoping that enough Republicans fall for his snow job that he sneaks on to the Supreme Court on a partisan line vote.

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