Nicolle Wallace Shows How Trump’s Attacks On Women Will Bring Down The GOP


Nicolle Wallace pointed out that every single Republican candidate who links themselves to Trump now tied to his misogyny, which will be all over the ballot.



Wallace said:

If misogyny is your thing. It’s on the ballot this November in the form of every Republican candidate. Who associates himself or her herself with Donald Trump’s name calling. Which seems to focus most intensely and most frequently on women. Women who challenge him or threaten him or heaven forbid insult him. Today’s installment of Donald Trump’s denigration of women came in the form of a tweet about Stormy Daniels, president tweeting this, “Federal judge throws out stormy Daniels’ lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees. At Fox News, great, now I can go after horseface and her third-rate lawyer in the great state of Texas. She’ll confirm the letter she signed. She knows nothing about me. A total con.” Horseface.

The President Of The United States called a woman with whom he had an alleged sexual relationship horse face. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of insult, personal, childish and mean, that people have become so accustomed to with this president that it barely registered as news, but it renders the first lady’s “Be best” campaign, anti-bullying effort, pointless and satirical and Ivanka’s Trump stated mission of being some sort of an ambassador for women a pointless joke. How could these women or any woman in the White House pretend they work for anyone other than a very loud-mouthed and very thin-skinned bully? It also shows that bashing women, even an alleged victim of a sexual assault, is more than a quirk to Trump’s personality. It’s a political strategy he thinks is a winner.

Trump is attacking and destroying the Republican Party

Every single Republican who cozies up to Trump and supports these attacks is tainted by this behavior. Even Republicans who aren’t running as Trump mini-mes are going to be smeared in the minds of a majority of voters by this strategy. It is a combination of Trump’s personal hatred of women, and the fact that he thinks that can materialize that hatred into political gain.

As our own Sarah Jones wrote today, “This is actually the opposite of the way our country is supposed to work, but then it has always been assumed we would not have someone in office who insulted citizens like a third grader, but we do. Conservatives love him because of the way he insults people. This is their level, their guy. This is their version of caring about women and babies.”

Republicans don’t realize it, but as they cheer on Trump, they are sowing the seeds of their own demise.

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