Russia Used Trump’s Talking Points On Mueller To Interfere In Midterm Election

The Russians used Donald Trump’s talking points on Robert Mueller as part of their effort to interfere in the 2018 midterm election.

Politicians on both sides were targets as the Russians tried to sow chaos, but Special Counsel Robert Mueller was also a target.

NBC News’s Tom Winter reported, “There was an article that kind of highlighted controversial topics about Robert Mueller. According to this complaint, it specifically states how this article should be messaged, basically the talking points that should be put out on social media. Specifically they said that you should focus on scandals that occurred while Robert Mueller was FBI director, that he’s part of the establishment, emphasized that this whole Robert Mueller special counsel investigation is an effort to tear the country apart, that it must be stopped at all causes and that he’s sort of a member of the Democratic machine in the United States, that he’s essentially, you know, the swamp, according to messaging putting out. He’s specifically referenced, so they’re trying to amplify some of the talking points we’ve seen about Robert Mueller in a way to mischaracterize him, in an effort to kind of delegitimize his efforts.”


The Russians were using Trump’s talking points on Mueller

Trump says Mueller is a Democrat and part of the swamp:

Trump claims Muller is conflicted:

Trump discredits the investigation:

The pattern is obvious. Russia and Trump are echoing the same talking points on Mueller. They both want the investigation to end, and the Russians are meddling in the 2018 election in an effort to keep Republicans in control of Congress so that can happen.

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