Rachel Maddow Busts Republicans For Fake Supporting Obamacare

Rachel Maddow called out Republicans who are pretending to support Obamacare in the midterm election by name and exposed their record of trying to kill coverage for preexisting conditions.

Maddow said, “So now there is this weird thing happening, in hotly contested races all across the country, where Republicans who have been inveighing against the evils of Obamacare for years, who have been voting to Obamacare for years, who have been supporting these efforts, actively supporting efforts now to get rid of preexisting coverage, preexisting conditions coverage explicitly, all these Republicans on the occasion of this election two weeks from tonight, all these Republicans are now pretending actually on this issue, I’m kind of a Democrat. There are all these Republicans now trying to run on the Democratic Party’s position on health care. They’re all running against themselves.”


Rachel Maddow played ads from Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, and other Republicans who have been trying to destroy Obamacare for years but are now claiming that they support coverage for preexisting conditions. To drive the point home, The Rachel Maddow Show host fact-checked the Republican lies with their own records.

Maddow later continued, “You all voted for it. You all voted to kill Obamacare, including that provision of it. And now you’ve all pulled on these latex masks just in time for Halloween to pretend like actually, you’re kind of a Democrat on this issue, and people should vote for you if they want to save Obamacare, despite your voting record, your uninterrupted voting record and your uninterrupted prior political resume of trying to kill it. This is happening all over the country. Democrats are running on health care. Republicans are pretending to be Democrats running on health care. Completely denying their old voting records, and what they’re actually doing right now, and to put a cherry on top of this sundae, this week, two weeks out from the election, the Trump administration has just announced that they are imposing new rules on the states. That for the first time since Obamacare passed, they will allow health insurance companies to once again start refusing to cover people with preexisting conditions.”

The Republicans are only fooling themselves. The American people were paying attention during those 70+ votes to kill Obamacare. They know that Ted Cruz once shut down the government as part of his effort to kill Obamacare. These are the same Republicans who railed against the ACA and worked to sabotage the law from the halls of Congress and in governors’ mansions.

Rachel Maddow easily debunked the GOP con, and voters will also see right through it on Election Day.

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