Trump’s Middle Class Tax Cut Is A Symbolic Vote Fraud

The 10% middle-class tax cut that Trump is touting isn’t real, and the White House only wants Republicans to pass a symbolic promise to cut middle-class taxes later.

The Washington Post reported:

Advisers have discussed the idea of having Congress vote on a symbolic “resolution” for a future 10 percent tax cut for the middle class, people familiar with discussions said, part of their scramble to meet Trump’s demand for rapid action to blunt Democrats’ economic messaging ahead of the midterm elections.

The resolution would not be binding but would attempt to send a signal to the public that Republicans are focused on helping middle-class families.

Even if approved, the symbolic resolution would not deliver the lower taxes Trump promised Monday night in Houston.

Trump wants Republicans to pinky swear that they will cut taxes for the middle-class later, or maybe not. Since the resolution is non-binding, Republicans won’t have to do anything.

Either way, the Trump middle-class tax cut is an act of political fraud. The cut wouldn’t happen before election day because Congress will not be back in session until long after the election, and there is no tax cut legislation written.

Rich people get real tax cuts, and everyone else gets a promise

Republicans made sure that the wealthy and corporations got their tax cuts, but everyone else in the country has to settle for a non-binding promise that something might happen later.

The promise of a middle-class tax cut was more than another Trump lie. The president is trying to con voters with an act of fraud. There is no middle-class tax cut, and unless Democrats win back Congress in two weeks, there will be no middle-class tax cut legislation in the future.

It is all a con, and voters aren’t buying it.

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