GOP House Majority Leader Gets Busted Deleting Anti-Soros Tweet

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had pinned a tweet attacking George Soros to his Twitter profile, and he kept the tweet up after the bomb was sent to Soros.

Judd Legum caught McCarthy:

The Deletion Was An Admission That The Soros Attacks Are Anti-Semitic

If the tweet were just a standard fundraising or get out the vote plea, there would be no reason to delete it. Interestingly, McCarthy didn’t delete after a bomb was sent to Soros, he left it up for days and only took it down a few days before the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

The timing reveals the motive.

Soros has become a stand-in for attacks on Jews. Even Donald Trump’s Republicans understand that they can’t run around attacking Jewish people by name, so they have adopted the tried and true approach that bigots and racists have used for centuries. They have picked one high profile Jew to target with their attacks.

The Republican Party isn’t very interested in appealing to conservatives anymore. There is nothing conservative about jacking up government spending and blowing up the deficit. The base of the Republican Party under Trump is made up of older, rural, white men are in many cases, bigots and racists.

The Republican Party has been increasingly selling bigotry and racism for more than a decade, and this time Kevin McCarthy got caught trying to erase the evidence.

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