Mainstream Media Refused To Cover Trump Crime Family RICO Story During 2016 Campaign

The mainstream media was given the Trump family was involved in racketeering during the 2016 election, but they refused to cover it until the lawsuit was filed today.

In response to the RICO being filed against Trump and his kids, Rick Wilson tweeted:

Liz Mair backed Wilson up:

The Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Give As Much Coverage To Stories That Could Hurt Trump

The corporate media was making a ton off of money off of Trump from the moment that he entered the Republican primary, and Liz Mair is right, they didn’t want to kill their cash cow. I sat in the press section at campaign events and heard reporters complain that Hillary Clinton was boring and bad television. The corporate media turned the presidential campaign into a reality television show, and they didn’t want to hurt their profits by doing their jobs and exposing Trump and his family for what they are.

Trump got $5 billion worth of free media during the 2016 campaign, but that well has dried up since he won the White House. However, the damage has already been done, and nearly two years later, stories like the corporate media rejecting stories about the Trump family’s crimes drive home how badly the media let the American people down by placing profits over their jobs when it mattered most.

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