Democrats Announce That They Will Request Trump’s Tax Returns

Now that they have won the House, Democratic sources on the House Ways and Means Committee have announced that Democrats are going to request Trump’s tax returns.

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Ari Melber reported on MSNBC:

I spoke with the ways and means committee, breaking news, they do intend to request president trump’s tax returns. That’s important because, as you know and as we have reported, this is something that does not require the Senate, it does not require even a full House vote. Under federal law, the chair of the ways and means committee has the power to request anyone’s tax returns. They believe that includes, flatly, the president of the United States. So this is coming to us now.

We are seeing the ramifications of Democrats on these committees who have this kind of power. This is Richard Neal, this is the ranking member of the ways and means committee, who would become chair if our projection holds that they are basically Democrats taking over the house. Getting your hands on those trump tax returns, as everyone knows, would be a big deal for the committee. It doesn’t mean they would automatically become public, but it does mean the Democrats are coming out swinging tonight. They’re not waiting. They’re putting this marker down right now, and I’m reporting this for the first time on MSNBC. They intend to request the returns, and the senior source tells me this is something that Pelosi is in on.


Trump’s tax returns are related to everything

Trump’s tax returns relate to the Russia scandal. His foreign policy decisions. Trump’s bowing to both Putin and Saudi Arabia. The tax returns will provide a great deal of insight into what is motivating Trump and if this president is conflicted. The tax returns are also something that Trump desperately tried to hide because he has secrets that he doesn’t want to have exposed because they will destroy what is left of the myth of Trump.

Democrats are coming for Trump, as this president is about to be held accountable.

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