Ari Melber Triggers A Total Birther/JFK Conspiracy Meltdown From Jerome Corsi


An interview with Jerome Corsi was moving normally until Ari Melber called birtherism a lie, and then all heck broke loose.

Here was the exchange:

Q: You also politically are known as a leader of the birther movement.

Corsi: Oh, yes.

Melber: Which is a total and complete lie that you believe. Is there — Let me — Let me finish my question.


Corsi: Finish your question, yes.

Melber: Is this the same defense you are now trying to use with Mueller as you’ve used in that political operation which is that you stand for a lie? That you say you believe it. And your defense is that because you genuinely believe the lie you shouldn’t be held accountable for it?

Corsi: So you have a copy of the original Hawaii 1961 birth registration for Barack Obama. I haven’t seen it. I went down with law enforcement, sheriff Arpaio, Hawaii wouldn’t show it to law enforcement. I don’t think it exists. If you can show me that I’ll agree I was wrong. So far all that we have is a computer printout from the white house that didn’t exist in 1961 that forensic analysis says is a fraud so I’ll stand by what I originally said as true even though you think it’s a lie.

You believe the state-warranted conventional assumption and I’m a conspiracy theorist which was a term invented by the CIA for people who doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald, not at the peak of his game as a shooter with a used Italian rifle that didn’t shoot straight when it was made at a site that was misaligned killed Jack Kennedy shooting past a tree with three shots. I don’t believe that happened. Now, again —


These are the kind of people that Trump hangs out. People like Jerome Corsi are his friends and advisers. This was a total birther meltdown from Corsi. Credit to Ari Melber for being one of the few outlets to put Corsi on the spot about his bogus birther conspiracy. Jerome Corsi is going to be indicted by Mueller. He is probably going to prison.

Corsi also admitted everything that he knew about the conspiracy between Trump‘s people, his campaign, Wikileaks, and Russia. Corsi didn’t do this interview to get the truth off of his chest. It is clear that he was fishing for a pardon from Donald Trump. The Russia investigation has advanced to the point where it’s not a matter of guilt or innocence, but where or not pardons will be issued for these crimes.

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