Mueller’s Trump Obstruction Of Justice Investigation Snares John Kelly

Special Counsel Robert Mueller questioned White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly specifically on Trump and obstruction of justice.

According to CNN:
White House chief of staff John Kelly was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team in recent months, three people with knowledge of the matter told CNN.

Kelly responded to a narrow set of questions from special counsel investigators after White House lawyers initially objected to Mueller’s request to do the interview earlier this summer, the sources said. Kelly is widely expected to leave his position in the coming days and is no longer on speaking terms with President Donald Trump, CNN reported earlier Friday.

Mueller Is Still Investigating Trump Obstruction of Justice

Trump’s daily freakouts on Twitter are starting to make sense. Robert Mueller is inside the Oval Office and questioning Trump’s right-hand man. What is unknown is whether John Kelly is Paul Manafort, in that he would lie to the special counsel, or more Mike Flynn, that he would be truthful and forthcoming with what he knows.

The news that John Kelly could be out of the White House in a matter of days suggests a more urgent context to Mueller’s questioning. Mueller isn’t wrapping up his investigation. The special counsel is zeroing in on Trump’s behavior and potential abuses of executive power to obstruct justice.

Trump’s mantras of no collusion and witch hunt do not cover obstruction of justice.

Robert Mueller is going deeper than anyone imagined, which means that his final report is going to be a political WMD that could ruin not just Trump, but anyone working in his administration.

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