Trump Disintegrates Into Dumb Lies As His Government Shutdown Woes Grow

Trump continued to try to justify his government shutdown by claiming that Democrats are most of the people who aren’t getting paid.

Trump tweeted:

Not all government employees are Democrats, but Trump seems to have convinced himself that they are. The bigger problem is that Trump has n clue that his shutdown is hurting millions of Americans who can’t visit any of the nation’s landmarks government-run tourist attractions over the holiday season. Trump also hasn’t taken into consideration that people who need government services but can’t get them due to his shutdown.

Trump’s Lies Are Getting Dumber

Donald Trump’s lies are getting dumber. He is trying to avoid all responsibility for the government shutdown so he has disintegrated into lies that are childish, nonsensical, and downright stupid. Trump can’t tell the truth that his plan to pressure Democrats into funding the wall by shutting down the government has backfired.

Democrats are under no pressure to reopen the government because they didn’t close it down. The government shutdown is all on Trump, and he could easily reopen the government if he wanted to. In a few days, the American people will begin to feel real pain from this shutdown. Trump has no excuse, and Democrats are not going to give him an out. If Trump wants the government open, he will have to accept that he is getting nothing for his wall.

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