Fox News Destroys Sarah Sanders For Fake Wall Terrorist Threats

Sarah Sanders started out all smiles in her Fox News Sunday interview, but things got ugly when Fox turned on her for making fake threats about the wall.

Here is the exchange that really jumped out:


Sanders whined that Democrats refused to let the president win. Wallace asked Sanders why Trump won’t reopen the agencies that have nothing to do with the border wall, and the White House press secretary had no answer, but to build the wall. Wallace asked over and over again why Trump won’t open government agencies. Sanders tried to claim that the White House doesn’t like the budget numbers, and Wallace replied that those budget numbers were approved by Republicans.

The Fox News Turn On Sanders Shows That The Shutdown Is Lost

The interview was much more contentious than Sanders expected from Fox News Sunday. Wallace went through point by point and debunked the White House claim that terrorists are coming into the country illegally. Wallace was ready for Sanders to claim that 4,000 terrorists were coming into the country from the southern border.

Trump has lost Fox, which means that he has lost the shutdown.

It was telling that Sanders couldn’t defend Trump’s position on the shutdown beyond the fact that Trump is mad because Democrats won’t let him win. Kellyanne Conway has failed in her recent interviews to successfully defend Trump, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has spectacularly crashed and burned on the White House thought would be a friendly Fox News Sunday interview.

Trump is claiming that government workers support his shutdown 100%,
but the reality is that Republicans and even his favorite news network are bailing on him.

Trump is increasingly isolated and has lost on the wall and the government shutdown.

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