Networks May Give Democrats Rebuttal To Trump Fake Border Crisis Address

If the networks give Trump airtime for his immigration address, they are looking at providing Democrats rebuttal airtime on national television.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

Haberman’s tweet was in response to a flat-out lie from Trump:

Giving Democrats Equal Time Would Undercut Trump’s Lie

The whole point for the White House of Trump doing this national address is to give the president an unchecked platform on which to lie. If the networks give Democrats rebuttal time, Trump will lose his ability to spread his racist and false message about the crisis that he is trying to gin up on the border in an unfettered manner.

Democrats should get equal time because this president can’t be trusted to tell the truth on the nation’s airwaves. Television executives already know that if they carry Trump’s speech, he will lie.

If they feel like they have to provide airtime for the speech, which they don’t, but if they feel like they must, the best option is to provide Democrats with an equal platform to address the nation.

A Democratic rebuttal makes the Oval Office address must less attractive to Trump, as the television networks are making it clear that they are not trusting the nation’s airwaves to Donald Trump.

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