Democrats Reject Trump’s Bogus Offer To End His Shutdown

Democrats rejected Trump’s offer to end his shutdown in exchange for wall money as a non-starter that can’t pass the House or Senate.

Axios reported:
A Democratic aide told Axios: “Dems were not consulted on this and have rejected similar overtures previously.”And a House Democratic aide said: “Similar inadequate offers from the Administration were already rejected by Democrats.”

“The BRIDGE Act does not fully protect Dreamers and is not a permanent solution.”

“This is not a compromise as it includes the same wasteful, ineffective $5.7 billion wall demand that shut down the government in the first place.”

“This cannot pass the House or Senate.”

“The President must agree to re-open government and join Democrats to negotiate on border security measures that work and not an expensive and ineffective wall that the President promised Mexico would pay for.”

Trump is trying to divide the Democrats with his offer

Trump’s offer is bogus because any bill that includes money for his wall can’t pass Congress. Democrats are united in not giving Trump a single penny for the wall that he promised that Mexico would pay for. Trump is trying to weaken his opposition by dividing them. The problem is that they are unified against his wall. Any offer that includes his wall is dead on arrival.

The president is wasting his time. His offer isn’t going to help his sagging poll numbers or end the shutdown.

There is nothing to negotiate. Trump could end the shutdown today by announcing that he will sign a bill to reopen the government.

The obstacle to the government reopening is Trump, not Schumer and Pelosi.

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