Adam Schiff Lays Waste To Trump And Suggests He’s Not A Real President

House Intelligence Committee chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called out Trump’s bogus shutdown offer and said that it isn’t what a real president would do.

Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:
MARGARET BRENNAN: Would you like to respond to anything the vice president just said about Democratic leadership in response to their proposal?

REP. SCHIFF: I think the vice president and the president know that what the president announced yesterday was not going to go anywhere. It wasn’t really intended to. It was a- I think an effort to prop up the president’s sagging poll numbers. But it did nothing to get us closer to ending the shutdown. The president announced the shutdown, said he’d be proud of it. He is proud of it. He needs to put an end to it. And that’s what we hoped we might hear from the president. Look, people have suffered enough. Federal employees are going without another paycheck. I’m going to put an end to this and continue the negotiations that’s what he should have done. That’s what a real president would do. But instead what this is really about is not border security what this is about is a broken promise that the president made and oft repeated clearly false song and dance act that Mexico was going to build a great big beautiful wall and pay for it–

MARGARET BRENNAN: So you don’t see an opportunity here, an opening, for the president to have made this gesture on DACA and TPS recipients getting at least three years of protection?

ADAM SCHIFF: No, it was effectively saying look I created a problem by taking away protections for dreamers. I created another problem by taking away protections for refugees. I’m willing to undo part of the damage temporarily that I have inflicted to get my wall. Well that’s really not much of an offer. It wasn’t intended to be. At the end of the day, what the president wants is to replace one fraudulent promise with another. The promise that Mexico was going to pay with a promise that taxpayers are now going to pay but somehow get reimbursed through his new NAFTA. Well that’s as fraudulent as the original promise.


Adam Schiff Was Right. A Real President Would Have Never Done This

A real president would never hurt millions of Americans because he made a false promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. Trump’s “offer” to end the shutdown was bogus because the president is still refusing to compromise. Democrats have turned down this same bad offer before. There is only one way out of this shutdown. Trump has to reopen the government. There is going to be no wall. Congress isn’t going to give him a dime.

A Russian puppet would shut down the government. A real president would have signed original legislation that Congress passed to keep it open.

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