Donny Deutsch: Trump Is Going Down For RICO Crimes

Last updated on February 9th, 2019 at 03:53 pm

Donny Deutsch responded to the massive SDNY subpoena of the Trump Organization and his inaugural committee by predicting that Trump is going to go down for RICO violations.

Deutsch said on MSNBC‘s Deadline: White House, “They will take apart the Trump Organization. There’s something called RICO, which is the Racketeering Influence Corruption Organization Act, which they basically brought in mob bosses. Any organization, if you’re a mob boss, if anybody is killed in your organization, aided it, directed it, you’re found guilty of that crime. The Trump Organization has always been a dirty organization, every which way. You’re seeing the inaugural committee, seeing the attorney general going after the charities. This is where it ends for this president. It is a criminal enterprise and the southern district will Rico we haven’t heard that term a lot, especially with politics. Wait.”


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Trump’s crimes were not a secret

The worst part about this investigation for Trump is that it isn’t only about Russia. The Southern District of New York is investigating Trump‘s business, his fake charity, his inaugural committee, and his behavior as president. Because they are also officials in the Trump Organization, Trump‘s kids are also targets in the investigation.
The New York investigation has the potential to send the Trumps to prison, and break up their criminal enterprise. Trump and his family probably would have evaded prosecution for the rest of his life if he would have lost the election to Hillary Clinton. The moment that he won the presidential election, the clock began ticking on his demise. Being installed as president was the worst thing ever to happen to Trump, with increased scrutiny and nowhere to hide, the Trump crime family is living on borrowed time.

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