Democrats Could Pick Up Another House Seat NC Redo Election Rated A Toss Up

Democrats could find themselves in position to win another House seat after Republican election fraud caused a do-over in North Carolina.

NC-09 will Be A Toss Up

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report immediately rated the race a toss-up:

Any new election without Harris would start out in the Toss Up column. The 9th CD voted for President Trump 54 percent to 43 percent in 2016, but a compressed special primary and general election timetable works to Democrats’ advantage. McCready, a renewable energy businessman who served with the Marines in Iraq, raised over $500,000 in December alone, will easily raise millions more and won’t face a primary threat.

Meanwhile, Republicans are likely headed for a crowded primary, with or without Harris. And things could get even worse for Republicans: under state law, a runoff will be held if no candidate gets 30 percent of the primary vote, further threatening to drain the party’s time and resources (the legislature lowered the threshold from 40 percent to 30 percent back in fall 2017, marginally reducing the chances this would occur).

Democrats Need To Pick Up Every House Seat That They Can

Democrats just won the majority in the House, but they will be defending this new majority in a 2020 presidential election year. Given Trump’s unpopularity, and the stumbling nature of the current Republican Party, this might seem like a slam dunk election for Democrats, but incumbent presidents, even unpopular and bad ones like Trump, are tough to defeat.

If Democrats find themselves in another presidential election dogfight, having an extra cushion of even one House seat would be helpful.`

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