Another NYC Building Votes To Remove The Trump Name As Resale Values Plummet

Residents of a Manhattan condominium complex have voted to have the Trump name scrubbed from the exterior of their building, new reporting shows.

According to The Washington Post, “The name ‘Trump Place’ will come down from a New York building’s facade after condo owners at 120 Riverside Blvd. voted to have the name removed.”

The move comes after 55 percent of the building’s condo owners voted in favor of having the name removed from the exterior.

According to The Post, it’s the second time in four months that the name “Trump Place” was taken off a building at the request of its residents.

As the Washington Post‘s David Fahrenthold pointed out on Thursday, this is the sixth instance in which a New York City building has removed Trump‘s name since 2016.

The Trump name is absolutely toxic

This isn’t an isolated incident. As David Fahrenthold also noted, there were six buildings called “Trump Place” on Election Day in the upper west side of New York City. Now there will only be one.

Additionally, four hotels have had the Trump name taken down – in Rio, Panama, Toronto and SoHo in New York.

While Trump‘s business won’t be financially impacted by Thursday’s news, Fahrenthold pointed out that it’s just more evidence that the president’s name is toxic in New York City, the “hub” of his real estate business.

In a tweet, The Post reporter noted that Trump condos have been seeing their resale value decline.

In other words, the city that knows Donald Trump best – the place he and his family have called home for decades – wants nothing to do with him.

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