Sarah Sanders Tells America To Move On From Mueller

Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the American people to move on from Mueller and don’t concern yourself with his report.

Sarah Sanders Hints That Trump Won’t Release The Mueller Report

Sanders was asked if Trump is going to release the Mueller report, and she answered, “The president is going to leave that decision up to the attorney general. Just because he hasn’t made that call, he’s following the proper if he did it the other way, you guys would go crazy saying I can’t believe the president has done this. I think it’s such a double standard.

The White House press secretary was then asked, “Does he want to be made public? Does he think the public needs to see it in order to move on, Sarah?”

Sanders told America basically to move on because there is nothing to see here, “We think the public should have moved on a long time ago. I think the public did move on a long time ago. I think the only people that are hung up on it are the Democrats and the media.”


Democrats Are Already Prepared For Trump To Try To Bury The Mueller Report

Democrats have been expecting the White House to refuse to release the report, or refuse to release sections of the report, so they are prepared to do everything from subpoenaing the report, subpoenaing any redacted parts of the report, to calling Robert Mueller to testify before the Congress. No one from the administration has made a single statement supporting the release of the report. The Trump administration has shown themselves to be the enemy of transparency, so their stance on Mueller is completely in character.

Trump is stalling for time

Donald Trump doesn’t want the American people to see the Mueller report before the 2020 election, so it is expected that his administration will fight every effort to get the report released tooth and nail. Trump is trying to buy time to get through his reelection campaign, but the worst thing that he could do would be to bury the Mueller report. A refusal to release the report will make it front page news for months, and it will follow Trump all through the campaign.

America won’t “move on” from Mueller as Sarah Sanders said, and the one sure way to make sure that the country doesn’t move on is to refuse to release the report, but that is what it looks like Trump is about to do.

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