Pelosi Crushes Trump By Passing Resolution Overturning His ‘National Emergency’

House Democrats overwhelmingly defended the Constitution, put Trump on notice by passing the resolution overturning his “national emergency.”

Pelosi made it clear. She is checking a lawless president.

All Democrats and 13 Republicans voted for the resolution to terminate Trump‘s fake emergency.

At a press event for the resolution on Monday, Speaker Pelosi said:

That Constitution begins with the beautiful preamble to the Constitution. As soon as the preamble ends, Article 1, the legislative branch proceeds. The first branch of government, the legislative branch, co-equal to the other branches of government – the Executive and the Judicial. Imbued with powers, in the text of the Constitution, one of them being the power of the purse.

The President is lawless and does violence to our Constitution, and therefore, our democracy. His declaration strikes at the heart of our Founder’s concept of America which demands separation of powers.

The President’s declaration clearly again violates the Congress’s exclusive power of the purse. This power is again, reserved by the text, I repeat, by the text of the Constitution.

Pelosi isn’t fighting against a wall. She is battling a lawless president.

Another Humiliating Moment For Trump That Sets Up A Veto Showdown

Democrats were elected to check Trump‘s power, and that is exactly what the House is doing. The Senate is going to take up the resolution before mid-March. Any Republican who supports this resolution is stomping on the Constitution and giving away their own power to the Executive Branch. The battle over Trump‘s emergency is destined to be settled in court, but Republicans could save the nation a whole lot of hassle if they would put country ahead of party, and kill this fake emergency now.

Speaker Pelosi isn’t playing, and if Republicans refuse to do the right thing, the House will sue the President Of The United States, because the battle over Trump‘s presidential power has just begun.

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