Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Felony Bank Fraud

Rachel Maddow used one of Trump’s properties to show how the President Of The United States has committed felony bank fraud.

Rachel Maddow said:

We believe these financial statements have been through the hands of the FBI and therefore they have been seen by federal prosecutors. We’ve now got Cohen’s blunt under oath assertions as to what those financial documents were used for if Deutsche Bank is handing over documents to the congressional committees then presumably we’ll know if Michael Cohen was right in his testimony yesterday. And if these documents were in fact used in a loan application to Deutsche Bank or used with insurance companies or any other financial institutions.

Clearly, there appears to be something wrong with the 2012 financial statement. Clearly, that is not a $291 million property as nice as it may seem. I say it’s not a $291 million property not because I can tell at a glance when a property is worth, I say that because that’s what Donald Trump says. Trump doesn’t claim it’s a $291 million property, not when he knows people are watching. When he filed his financial disclosure form in 2018, he said it was worth 25 to $50 million. How is it worth $291 million in 2012? I mean, if that quarter billion-dollar magic trick he tried to play with that financial statement is in fact, evidence of felony bank fraud, as far as I can tell, we’re well within the ten-year statute of limitations for such a crime. As a country, now, we have all just been shown evidence of this potential felony bank fraud by the president.


Maddow also said in the segment that they could have pulled out any number of examples, but they used one specific property in New York as a case study. The example that Rachel Maddow used shows why Trump is so desperate to win reelection. The statute of limitations is not up on his crimes. Trump was committing financial crimes even as president.

The only thing keeping Trump from being indicted is his position as president. If Trump is voted out of office, he will almost certainly face a criminal indictment. These are the crimes that keep Trump up at night because they are the felonies that could land him in prison.

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