Trump Is Now Facing Years Of Criminal Investigations

It doesn’t matter what the Mueller report finds, Donald Trump will still be facing years of criminal investigations related to his business practices and finances.

Ken Dilanian of NBC News reported, “It is the opening of what looks like a dangerous chapter for the president and his family. Regardless of what happens with the Mueller investigations, these other criminal investigations could be following Trump for years to come The question is how deeply would they go into business conduct by the trump organizations that would go back to many, many years. That’s why the statute of limitations of these of five years or ten years. What he said were financial statements that may have been manipulated and stories of charitable manipulation and auction of a portrait. There was some talk of overstating assets to an insurance company.”


Trump’s problems are bigger than Mueller and Russia

Many people, especially on the left, have emphasized the Mueller report, but as events are unfolding, it is becoming clear that the larger and more long term threat to Trump is in the Southern District of New York, and New York State. Congress is going to be investigating Trump‘s finances and business practices, but there is only one possible outcome for Congress, and that is a decision on the question of impeachment.

Donald Trump and his family could be haunted for years by the criminal investigations in New York. Unlike impeachment, the threat will not go away after Trump leaves office. Trump spent decades on a crime spree, and now he will spend the rest of his life trying to stay out of prison.

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