Impeachment Is Coming As Senator Warns That Trump Has Crossed The Threshold

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that Trump had crossed the threshold for impeachment, as Democrats are beginning the process of educating the American people on Trump‘s crimes.

Sen. Murphy said on All In with Chris Hayes, “Listen, again, there are so many different ways that you can check the president. The free press checks the president, the judiciary checks him, and Congress checks him. But you are also right that the ultimate check is impeachment. What we know is that the president’s behavior has already crossed the threshold of what was brought for impeachment before the house in the Nixon administration and the Clinton administration. In fact, he crossed those thresholds in the first weeks or months of office. And so that is another means if these other means fail to control this president.”


For Impeachment To Work, the American People Must Be Educated About Trump’s Crimes

The people who hate Trump have been calling for impeachment since this president took office. The people who love and adore Trump aren’t going to change their minds regardless of what the evidence suggests. The group that will make impeachment viable are in the middle. The Republican Party showed with the Clinton impeachment that when the process is used as a tool of partisan politics, it will backfire.
The investigations that were kicked off in the House on Monday are important because they are the first step in collecting the evidence that is needed to justify impeachment. It may be maddening to some Trump opponents, but Democrats are doing this the right way. Speaker Pelosi and her caucus have clearly thought about this and have carefully planned the steps in their investigation.

Trump has crossed the threshold for impeachment, but Democrats need evidence to build a case that will convince the country that impeachment is the appropriate remedy.

Even if it is not as fast as one would like, it’s clear that impeachment in the future of Donald J. Trump.

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