Republicans Get A Rude Awakening As Democrats Aren’t Divided By Their Distractions

Rep. Eric Swalwell brought the discussion back to reality by saying that Democrats won’t be distracted by Republican efforts to divide the party.

Rep. Swalwell said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “We are a pro-U.S./Israel relationship party, nothing about that has changed when we see comments like this we’re going to call them out. But we can also kind of address some of the issues were — the two-state solution needs to happen there. We need to restore the aid that President Trump has taken away from Palestinians. But this week, while all this was going to going on we passed an update to the Voting Rights Act and last week we passed background checks. So we’re still doing work. We’re not going to be distracted by this.”


Democrats are falling for Republican games

While the media dove in on the Rep. Omar comments, Democrats kept working for the American people. Rep. Swalwell was correct. There is a presidential election next year, and Republicans are already working hard to try to divide the Democratic Party. That is what the Rep. Omar outrage is really about. Republicans are trying to find a wedge issue to divide Democrats because a united Democratic Party can’t be beaten by Donald Trump.

All earlier signs suggested that Swalwell was going to run for president. As the Democratic field has grown increasingly crowded, he might be weighing his decision a bit more carefully. Rep. Swalwell sits on two powerful committees in House Judiciary and Intelligence. He is in a good position in the House majority, so he might think twice before running for president.

Republicans are pulling from the 2016 playbook and trying to divide Democrats, but Rep. Swalwell was correct. House Democrats are doing important work and not being distracted by Trump and the GOP.