Democrats Planning To Call Mueller To Testify If They Don’t Get His Report

House Democrats held an emergency call on Sunday night where they began discussing plans to call Mueller to testify if they don’t get his report.

Rachel Bade reported:

Trump is lying, and Democrats may have to have Mueller’s testimony to get the truth

Trump and the White House are lying about Mueller’s findings. Barr’s letter to Congress carried the implication that this was all they were going to get. Barr made no mention of releasing the report, and if he chose to do so, he could have released the report with his letter. The fact that he didn’t suggests that Democrats are going to have to use other means to get the information in the Mueller report.

The fastest way to get that information will be to call Robert Mueller to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. A legal fight to get the report released is expected to take months. It would be much faster for the House to call Mueller and get access to his findings and evidence through congressional testimony. Mueller testifying would also shine a national spotlight on the report in ways that just releasing the document never would.

Mueller testifying would be must-see TV.

Democrats have the power to turn Trump‘s propaganda show into a massive strategic backfire. Democrats aren’t going to wait long. If Trump hides the report, Robert Mueller will be on the Hill.

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