Scarborough to Trump: ‘Nobody Believes You. We Know It’s All a Scam’

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough today said that President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr are not fooling the American people. “We know it’s all a scam, and voters know it’s all a scam,” Scarborough said.

According to the popular MSNBC host, Trump and Barr probably think they’re getting away with something big by trying to cover up the findings from special counsel Robert Mueller’s 22 month investigation. But it’s not working.

Morning Joe showed poll results on Monday which indicate that less than a third of American voters believe Trump’s claims that the Mueller report (and Barr’s summary) exonerated him.

In addition to that, large majorities of voters also said that they trust Mueller much more than they trust the president.

“Listen, we don’t care what you say, Donald, okay?” Scarborough said. “We know it’s all a scam, and voters know it’s all a scam, and most importantly, only 29 percent of Americans believe that he’s exonerated. He says he’s not playing games — he is playing games.”

He said Republican still hadn’t figured out that Trump was dragging them down.

“Hey, guess what? You lost,” Scarborough said. “You lost the midterms, broke all records for just getting your political heads knocked off your shoulders. Couldn’t have gone worse for you. That’s Donald Trump’s Republican Party, and now it’s happening again.”

“You want to try to stop us from seeing what’s in the Mueller report,” he added, “and Donald Trump thinks he can change the topic? Can’t change the topic. He says he’s not playing games — he is playing games but it’s a game he ultimately loses.”

Donald Trump and the Republican Party Have Already Lost

Joe Scarborough is correct in saying that Donald Trump is playing a losing game by trying to cover up the Mueller report. The Republican Party lost the 2018 midterms by record amounts, and sticking by Donald Trump will continue their losing streak.

Donald Trump can’t “change the topic.” Donald Trump “is playing games.”  And he has already lost the games he’s playing. Only 29 percent of Americans believe that he’s been “exonerated.”

When the 2020 election comes the American people will have a chance to tell Donald Trump and his party how they really feel. And when that happens it wont’ be a pretty sight. 

Trump and the GOP are headed for historic losses in next year’s elections, but they are too blind and deluded to see it. The Republican Party is imploding, so all we have to do is stand back and watch it happen while supporting the Democratic candidates who will be winning big in 2020.


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