Early State Democrats Stand With Biden As Touching Scandal Falls Flat

Influential Democrats in early primary states are standing with Joe Biden as they believe the touching scandal has not damaged his campaign.

Politico reported:

“Everybody knows Joe Biden. None of this is anything new,” Lieberman said, referring to various accounts of unwanted touching. “I don’t think it’s sexual harassment. I don’t think it’s anything except for who he is and who he’s been for years.”

Interviews with more than a dozen operatives, party leaders and county chairs in the four early presidential states found similar sentiments. Among these gatekeepers — many of whom have met Biden during his previous runs for president or in his capacity as Barack Obama’s running mate — the prevailing view is that the current controversy isn’t enough to seriously damage his candidacy in the event he chooses to run.

The Joe Biden Scandal That Never Got Off The Ground

Progressives and advisers to Bernie Sanders hoped that they could keep Biden out of the race with a scandal that centers around personal space. The scandal though never really dominated the news like they hoped it or accelerated enough to damage the former vice president’s potential candidacy. Biden is still leading in the way too early polling, and he has seen no erosion in his support since the touching scandal started.

The challenge that any Democratic candidate faces is that Joe Biden has deep roots and a huge national organization of party officials. Biden is beloved by the party rank and file, and it is going to take more than what his political adversaries tried to turn into a scandal to stop his candidacy.

After seeing the behavior of porn star paying off, Access Hollywood tape accused sexual assaulter Trump, Joe Biden’s behavior doesn’t rise to the level of disqualifying in the minds of many Democrats.

Democratic voters may choose a different nominee, but Joe Biden is showing why he is going to be hard to beat in 2020.

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