Mueller Report Takes Down Sarah Sanders For Lying About Comey

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was forced by Mueller to admit that she lied to smear James Comey during a White House press briefing.

Here is Sanders getting caught on page 284 of The Mueller Report:

Sarah Sanders is no powerless Trump underling. She is a part of the White House communications machine that uses lies and smears to protect Trump and hide his potentially criminal behavior. The Mueller report does make it easier to understand why Sanders and the White House Press Briefing have virtually vanished. Beyond not wanting to keep informed on what their government is doing, Sanders was a more significant part of the obstruction of justice activities of this administration than anyone previously realized.

Sanders knowingly lied to smear an FBI Director who was respected by his bureau to protect a president who was engaging in obstruction of justice. Sanders is an accessory to the presidential abuses of power of Donald Trump.

The corruption in this administration begins at the top, but every area of the executive branch is being harmed by people who are working for this president. Sanders has done immense damage to the public trust of information that comes out of the White House. The confidence of the American people may not be regained just by replacing the president.

Through her willingness to lie and cover for Trump, Sarah Sanders has harmed the public trust in an important institution.

The Mueller report is the first step in Sarah Sanders getting what is coming to her.

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