Nancy Pelosi’s Investigation Strategy Has Trump Losing His Mind

Trump lost it when talking to reporters about the subpoenas from House Democrats, and his answer is proof that Speaker Pelosi’s strategy is working.

Trump Is Losing It Over Pelosi’s Strategy To Investigate Him

Trump said:

We’re fighting all the subpoenas. Look, these aren’t like impartial people. The Democrats are trying to win 2020. They’re not going to win with the people that I see, and they’re not going to win against the only way they can maybe luck out, and I don’t think that’s going to happen, it might make it even the opposite is what a lot of people are saying, the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense.

But they should be really focused on legislation, not the things that have been — this has been litigated, just so you understand — this has been litigated for the last two years almost since I got into office. Now, if you want to litigate, go after the DNC, crooked Hillary, the dirty cops, all of these things. That’s what should be litigated because that was a rigged system. And I’m breaking down — I am breaking down the swamp. If you look at what’s happening, they’re getting caught. They’re getting fired. Who knows what’s going to happen from now on, but I hope it’s very strong. If you look at drain the swamp, I am draining the swamp.


Pelosi’s strategy of a full investigation of Trump is working

Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) explained her pursuit of the facts at the Time 100 on Tuesday, “This is about being totally free from passion, from prejudice, from politics. It’s about the presentation of the facts, and when we have the facts, we’ll have a better idea of how we go forward. As an existential threat, this administration to our democracy, in terms of our constitution, Article I, the legislative branch spelled out the right to know…I believe impeachment is one of the most divisive paths that we could go down to in our country. But if the facts, the path of fact-finding takes us there, we have no choice. But we’re not there yet.”

Pelosi understands that a consistent investigation will be more damaging to Trump and illuminating for the American people than any impeachment process could be. The best part about what Speaker Pelosi is doing is that she has left the option open of impeaching Trump if the facts lead Democrats to that point.

Speaker Pelosi is driving Trump up the wall because he realizes that the investigations won’t end until Democrats have collected all of the facts about this president.

Donald Trump is being driven over the edge by the strategy of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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