Sally Yates Says Trump Would Be Indicted If He Wasn’t President

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates said that she had prosecuted obstruction of justice cases that had less evidence than the federal government has on Trump.

Yates said on NBC’s Meet The Press, “I’ve been a prosecutor for nearly thirty years, and I can tell you that I have personally prosecuted obstruction cases on far, far less evidence than this, and yes, I believe that if he were not the President Of The United States, he would likely be indicted on obstruction.”


The presidency is the only thing that is keeping Trump out of prison

There is a growing consensus that if he weren’t president, Trump would already have been indicted and that the only thing keeping Trump out of prison is the fact that he is currently the president. Trump is going to fight tooth and nail to win a second term because the statute of limitations on many of his recent crimes will expire if he is reelected.

Voters need to prepare for more attacks from Russia, and the nastiest election that they have ever seen, because there is no low that Trump won’t sink to in his effort to avoid prison.

Should Trump lose, an indictment is in his future, which means that the stakes for a presidential will never have been higher than are for 2020.

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