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Trump Caves And Drops Demand For Investigations To End In Meeting With Pelosi and Schumer

Trump dropped his demand that all investigations must end before he will work with Democrats during his meeting Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer.

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Trump’s demand that all investigations be dropped before he will work with Democrats never came up in their meeting.

Schumer said, “In previous meetings, the president said if the investigations continue, I can’t work with you. He didn’t bring it up. We’re going, I believe, we can do both at once. We can come up with some good ideas on infrastructure and we want to hear his ideas on funding that’s going to be the crucial point in my opinion, and the House and the Senate can proceed in its oversight responsibilities. We believe the two are not mutually exclusive.”


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Trump caved to Pelosi and Schumer

After the government shutdown disaster, Trump’s attitude has changed on working with the Democrats. Trump has virtually no policy accomplishments outside of a tax cut for the rich that is so reviled that Republicans can’t run on it in 2020. Trump needs something to run on it. He hasn’t seen the light on bipartisan cooperation and the odds are that he will self-destruct and blow up any infrastructure deal as soon as he gets a hint of criticism from the right, but the big takeaway here is that Trump vowed not to work with Democrats while he is under investigation, and he caved.

Pelosi and Schumer met with Trump and won again.

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