House Democrat Floats Arresting And Jailing Trump Officials For Contempt

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) said that Democrats should consider using the doctrine of inherent contempt to arrest and jail Trump administration officials.

Trump White House officials could be arrested and jailed for contempt

Rep. Doggett said on CNN, “We should consider the power of inherent contempt, an old doctrine that allows the Congress itself to issue a summons, arrest warrant to an official and demand they appear at a congressional hearing, be subject to fines, to jail time. I think we ought to explore contracting with area correctional institutions, provide additional support to the sergeant in arms, so the White House knows we’re serious.”


Democrats need to add more pressure to Trump officials

House Democrats have a legal strategy and it is working. They are building cases to get Trump’s tax returns, and the full Mueller report evidence.
The political strategy has also been very effective. The constant investigations and Trump’s attempted obstruction of them are resulting in rising support for impeachment.

Rep. Doggett is talking about increasing the pressure to get compliance. Democrats could take the step of trying to issues arrest warrants and summons for testimony. It would help their cause to show the courts and the public that they are doing everything in their power to get the Trump administration to comply. The majority of Americans already believe that Trump is a dishonest criminal.

House Democrats should consider treating Trump and his administration like the criminals that they appear to be.

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