Trump Tantrums Over Mayor Pete’s Fox News Town Hall

Trump is throwing a fit because Fox News is doing a Sunday night town hall with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Trump is very upset because Fox News is talking to Pete Buttigieg

Trump tweeted:

Trump doesn’t want Fox News covering any Democrats. Fox is his channel, and it should be all about Trump 24/7.

Donald Trump sincerely believes that he made Fox News. He doesn’t grasp the fact that Fox was at the top of the cable news ratings for nearly 20 years before he came along. Trump didn’t make Fox News, but Fox News made Donald Trump.

Trump is jealous of Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is everything that Trump isn’t. He’s young. He has substance and a bright future. The reason why people don’t say these things about the president is that it wouldn’t be true. Trump has no substance. He is about as deep as a mud puddle. His biography can be boiled down to the fact that he was born rich, lost a ton of money, and is likely the nation’s first illegitimate president installed by a hostile foreign power.

Buttigieg’s momentum has cooled, and he could use the attention generated by the Fox News town hall. He has also gotten a boost from Trump who could resist complaining about a Fox News show that isn’t all about him.

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