Ben Carson Humiliates Himself At Hearing As Member Of Congress Has To Explain How HUD Works

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) had to explain to HUD Secretary Ben Carson how his agency works during a House hearing.

Ben Carson Humiliates Himself At Congressional Hearing

Rep. Porter made the mistake of asking Carson about the interest rate curtailment schedule at FHA, and Ben Carson had no idea what she was talking about.

Carson asked the House member who was supposed to be conducting oversight to explain how his agency works to him.


Ben Carson is most famous for illegally purchasing a $30,000 dining room set with taxpayer money, and his latest big idea is to make 55,000 US legal resident children homeless if a parent has an immigration issue.

Ben Carson is the personification of Trump corruption and incompetence

Ben Carson is not remotely qualified to be HUD Secretary. He is one of the many corrupt and incompetent persons who Trump has littered his administration with to make sure that the federal government doesn’t operate correctly. Carson has spent his time thinking up ways to hurt the people who he is supposed to be serving at Housing and Urban Development.

Ben Carson has been a disaster for HUD, and it is embarrassing for the country that the person who is supposed to be running the agency doesn’t know what it does.

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