Donald Trump Jr. Tried To Threaten Justin Amash And Got Burned To The Ground

Donald Trump Jr. tried to threaten Rep. Justin Amash with a primary challenge, and Amash responded by burning the president’s son to the ground.

Here was how it went down on Twitter:

That’s Justin Amash responding to Trump Jr. with a quote from his email about the Trump Tower Russia meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump Jr. is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. Even his father thinks he’s dumb, and Donald Trump called Prince Charles the Prince of Whales today.

Amash has been here before. Republicans have tried to primary him out of his seat. Rep. Amash is a Republican, but unlike Trump, he is a true conservative. The Trumps may think they are all powerful within the Republican Party, but they aren’t. In fact, it won’t be a surprise when Amash handles Trump’s primary challenger for him.

They are few, but Justin Amash is showing that there is at least one elected Republican who is not afraid to stand up to the Trump crime family.

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