Bernie Sanders Attacks Elizabeth Warren As A Corporate Democrat

Bernie Sanders is now claiming that since moderate Democrats are coming around on Elizabeth Warren, she is a corporate Democrat.

Bernie Sanders calls Elizabeth Warren A Corporate Democrat

Sanders tweeted:

Sanders was reacting to a Politico article that reported, “Warren, on the other hand, is gaining traction among those who once rejected her muscular vision of liberalism. She’s drawn notice for her wide-ranging “I have a plan for that” policy playbook, which has just enough growth-and-opportunity, center-left measures to earn her a serious look from former detractors. The Massachusetts senator may be out of sync with party centrists, but she’s drawn at least one sharp line with Sanders that is resonating with prominent moderate voices as she surges into the top tier in national and early state polls.”

Bernie Sanders Ignored Elizabeth Warren For Too Long

The Sanders campaign has been focused on Joe Biden for months, but the real threat to his base has always been Warren. Sanders didn’t rocket up the polls in the 2016 Democratic primary until Sen. Warren decided not to run. Progressive groups that were pushing for Warren to run shifted their support to Bernie Sanders as the Clinton alternative after she decided not run. Sanders ignored Warren in the primary only to see Warren pass him in virtually every poll.

The problem for Sen. Sanders is that Warren has a fresh series of plans that are capturing the attention of Democrats across the party. While the Sanders campaign spent much of the early race playing their greatest hits, Sen. Warren has been rolling out plans for every issue and showing that she will be ready to govern on day one.

Elizabeth Warren is not a corporate Democrat

Sen. Warren is anything but a corporate Democrat. She has been arguing for breaking up the big banks, eliminating student loan debt, and arguing against economic inequality for decades. It is laughable that the visionary behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could be called a corporate Democrat. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are fighting for the same voters in the Democratic primary, and Warren is winning.

These sort of attacks make Bernie Sanders sound desperate, as his second run for president is not turning out as he expected.

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