Sean Hannity Reminds Trump To Push FBI Conspiracy Theory During Interview

Sean Hannity had to remind Trump to stick to his anti-FBI conspiracy claim that he was spied on during a Fox News interview.

Sean Hannity Reminds Trump To Stick To The Propaganda

Trump made the mistake of saying that maybe he was spied on, so Sean Hannity jumped in to remind him to stick to the propaganda that his campaign was spied on.

Hannity said, “Let me ask you specifically, I want to stay on this topic because I think the abuse of power is dangerous. You addressed it last night. Your campaign was spied on. In October 2016, Hillary’s dossier bought and paid for Russian dossier paid for by her and the money she controlled that was funneled through a law firm that hired a research group that hired a foreign national.”

Sean Hannity than ran through the whole conspiracy for Trump, and then said, “You were spied on as a candidate, during your transition, as president, and then abroad.”


Trump’s answer went against the propaganda that Republicans and Fox News are pushing, so Sean Hannity reminded the president what the conspiracy was and told him the answer to his question about the conspiracy theory before he asked it.

The exchange was a perfect example of how Trump is being directed by Fox News. The message is fused by both Fox News and Trump, and when one side gets off script, the other steps up to make sure that the conspiracy theory remains consistent to the cult of Trump.

Sean Hannity is Trump’s shadow press secretary, and he is making sure that Trump stays on track with his own propaganda.

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