Fox News Falsely Blames Obama For Jeffrey Epstein’s Plea Deal

Jeffrey Epstein is a massive problem for the Trump administration, and you can tell because Fox News is blaming Obama.

Fox News Blames Democrats For Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal

Video and transcript via Media Matters:

From Fox’s Outnumbered:

LAWRENCE JONES (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, I don’t think people are taking a total look at this. Because there’s a lot of things that go into these decisions. A, when it’s someone like this involved, this does not skip Washington. That means that AG knew about it, that means the investigative agency, the FBI, Bob Mueller —

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): Well as Christine Pelosi said, some of the faves in the Democrat Party may be on a list here somewhere.

JONES: Exactly. Well, this was in 2008 under a Democratic administration.


JONES: So it’s not just [Alex] Acosta making a decision like this. Other factors go — and if there was corruption, then every investigative agency that was involved with it, including the attorney general’s office, knew something about it.

A Democrat Wasn’t President During The Epstein Plea Deal

The decision to let a child sex trafficker walk wasn’t made during a Democratic administration. George W. Bush was president when Epstein got his free pass to abuse and traffic underage girls.

Fox News’ talking points were similar to comments made by Trump who blamed everybody but his Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta for the plea deal:

Blaming Obama is one of Fox News’ old tricks when they are trying to bail a Republican out of trouble. The Democratic administration the Fox incorrectly referred to was Obama. The Epstein case and Acosta’s role in it is a gigantic problem for Trump and the Republican Party. Acosta made the deal with Epstein under one Republican president (Bush) and another Republican president rewarded Acosta with a cabinet position (Trump).

Fox can’t spin it any other way. The horrific Epstein crimes belong to the GOP.

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