Pelosi Defends Fellow House Democrats From Trump’s Racist Smears

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) strongly defended the non-white House women that were smeared by Trump in a series of racist tweets.

Nancy Pelosi defends “The Squad.’

In response to Trump telling four House members who are American citizens to go back to their home countries, Pelosi tweeted:

Democrats will stand as one against Donald Trump

While the Trump campaign is having a meltdown and calling everyone who reported Trump’s own words liars, Speaker Pelosi is reminding everyone in her party that while they may have policy disputes, they are one unit united with the common goal of defeating Donald Trump. The press loves infighting among Democrats because it plays into their age-old trope that Democrats are in disarray. It one of the easiest plug and publish narratives for a mainstream publication to run with.

The far left progressives have an agenda, and they are aggressive in pushing it, but at the end of the day, contrary to what Trump tweeted, Speaker Pelosi will never take his side and not defend the members of her caucus.

Trump’s tweets are a good reminder that the real battle is Democrats vs. Trump, not Democrats vs. Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi will always defend her members from the ugly and racist attacks of Donald Trump.

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