Pelosi Won’t Back Down As House Votes To Keep Her Words About Trump’s Racist Tweets In The Record

Republicans tried to get Pelosi’s words removed after she called Trump’s tweets racist, but she wouldn’t back down, and the House voted to keep her remarks in the record.

Pelosi refused to change her remarks:

Here are Speaker Pelosi’s original remarks:

The House voted 232-190 to not strike Pelosi’s words from the record.

The parliamentarian said that Pelosi’s remarks should be stricken, but Democrats voted to overrule the parliamentarian. The great irony is that the words Pelosi used are in the resolution that the House is currently debating condemning Trump’s racist tweets.

Republicans won’t condemn Trump’s racism, and they don’t want other political leaders talking about it either. It speaks volumes about where Republicans are as a party that they would try to strike Pelosi’s words about racism from the record instead of standing up against bigotry and hate. Pelosi was right. It is sad that every member of the House won’t stand up and condemn Trump’s racist tweets.

Speaker Pelosi won’t allow Republicans to sweep Trump’s racism under the rug. Trump has set Republicans up for a bad week that is only going to get worse.

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