Mueller Is Going To Be On His Own And Able To Say Whatever He Wants To Congress


The DOJ has told Robert Mueller that they expect him to limit his testimony to what is in the Mueller report, but they aren’t sending any lawyers to the hearing with him.

There will be no one from Trump’s White House at the table to limit Mueller

Politico reported:
The Justice Department is “taking the position that anything outside the written pages of the report are things about which presidential privilege hasn’t been waived,” the former U.S. official said.

The White House and the Justice Department, meanwhile, have signaled they don’t intend to place lawyers in the room during Mueller’s highly-anticipated testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday.


Without a presence at the hearing, administration officials would have little recourse to prevent Mueller from going off-script and revealing details of his investigation that the White House considers off-limits.

Unlike Hope Hicks, Mueller will not be accompanied by any administration lawyers. This means that there will be no one in the room to stop the former special counsel from going off the report if he decides to do so. Since Mueller has already publicly stated that his testimony will be the report, it doesn’t look likely, but it is possible that an unexpected moment could occur.

Robert Mueller isn’t going to appear before the House committees and freelance, but nothing is stopping him from expanding on answers, which has to be considered a win for Democrats.

House Democrats would be okay with Mueller calling national attention to his report. They don’t need the special counsel to drop bombshells. They need to get the American people focused on the potentially impeachable offenses committed by this president.

Mueller doesn’t need to speak outside of the report, because the report itself is damning enough.

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