Trump Thinks African-Americans Are Going To Vote For Him In 2020


Trump claimed that he has gotten rid of racial tension in America, and he expects African-Americans to vote for him in 2020.

Trump said, “No racial tension. I had my best numbers recently because of the economy of what I have done for the African-American. When you look at the African-Americans are doing better than they ever done in our country, we are creating numbers, look at the poverty numbers and so many — look at the unemployment numbers, the best they ever had. We had fantastic relationships with the African-American community. Certainly, you will see that in 2020.”



Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans is virtually non-existant

The president has invented African-American support where virtually none exists. Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans is 13%. His disapproval rating is 82%.

Trump thinks that African-Americans are going to ignore his racism, and vote for him based on an unemployment rate that he had nothing to do with.
African-Americans aren’t going vote for the racist president. Trump is living in a fantasy world where people support him just because.

The president who has enflamed racial tensions to modern highs is not going to have minority voters lining up to support him.

Trump’s whole argument for reelection is an economy that is teetering closer to a recession.

African-Americans aren’t going to vote for Trump, as the delusions of this president are growing by the day.

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