Top House Republican Blames Video Games, Not Guns, For El Paso Shooting

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy blamed video games, not guns for the mass shooting that killed 20 people in El Paso, Texas.

Here is McCarthy on Fox News:

McCarthy said, “The idea that these video games that dehumanize individuals to have a game of shooting individuals and others. I’ve always felt that was a problem for future generations and others. We watched from studies shown before what it does to individuals. When you look at these photos of how it took place, you can see the actions within video games.”

Guns, not video games, cause gun violence

Rep. McCarthy was trying to blame anything besides the ease with which mass shooters can acquire high powered weapons that serve no other purpose, but to kill human beings. The video games don’t allow a would-be mass shooter to kill scores people in a few minutes. Republicans are so desperate to blame anything besides the combination of their refusal to support common-sense legislation and their president who calls Mexicans rapists and compares African-Americans to rodents has caused the to dig up an old 1990s NRA talking point.

It’s not the video games. It’s the gun laws, and until the nation fixes the flaws in the gun laws, the mass killings will continue.

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