Trump Gets More Racist With Move To Take Food Stamps And Housing Away From LEGAL Immigrants

The Trump administration has announced a new rule that will punish legal immigrants who use food or housing assistance.

The Washington Post reported:
The Trump administration will penalize legal immigrants who rely on public programs, such as food stamps and government-subsidized housing, as part of a sweeping new policy to slow legal immigration into the United States and reduce the number of immigrants who are granted permanent legal status.

The move will have the greatest impact on poor immigrants who are living in the country legally and are receiving public benefits from the government, forcing them to make a choice between accepting financial help and living and working in the country legally. It will probably not affect immigrants who already have green cards.

The United States wants immigrants who can support themselves, according to the rule, not those who “depend on public resources to meet their needs,” according to the new rule.

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Here is Ken Cuccinelli talking about the new rule:

The rule is designed to stop legal immigrants from coming to the US

Legal immigrants who accept assistance will not be allowed to get a green card and become a permanent resident. The rule will require that legal immigrants be self-sufficient. Cuccinelli
a said that the rule will prevent poor immigrants from coming to the United States or getting a green card.

Trump is now targeting legal immigrants.

The administration’s policy isn’t about illegal immigration. It is a targeted of all immigrants legal or not.

The American Dream is being shut down for legal immigrants who follow the rules and do what is right.

Trump’s policies are racist. Legal status doesn’t matter. Trump just wants brown and black immigrants out of the United States.

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