The Trump Campaign Can’t Hide Their Utter Terror Over Potentially Facing Biden

The Trump campaign is clearly afraid of facing Joe Biden and the argument comparing Trump to Obama.

This was Trump’s campaign manager in a tweet where one can almost smell the fear:

And here is why the Trump campaign is so afraid:

Biden’s biggest strength is his connection to Barack Obama and the Obama administration. If Biden does win the nomination, he would represent in the eyes of many voters a return to calm, normal, tweet free, governing. Trump has made people miss the stability and competence of the Obama administration. Biden’s strength as a candidate is that he projects empathy, compassion, and the ability to govern.

The Trump campaign does not want to face Biden because they won’t be able to use their racist/socialist/sexist attacks, and would be making a fatal mistake if they treat Joe Biden as if he is just like Hillary Clinton. (This was also a mistake that the Sanders campaign had been making until recently, but they appear to have course-corrected). Biden could lose the Democratic primary if voters decide that they want a new direction for the party, but the polling has been consistent for months, and if Joe Biden ends up with the Democratic nomination, fear will go into overdrive for Donald Trump.