White House Has No Explanation For Why Trump Thinks He Can “Hereby Order” US Companies To Do Anything


The White House has no public explanation for why Trump thinks that he can order US private companies to stop doing business in and with China.

Reporters are trying to get an explanation, but here is what they’ve gotten out of the White House so far:


Translation: They have no clue what is going on in Donald Trump’s head.

No president has the power to order US companies to do anything. It was decided by the Supreme Court in 1952 that the president does not have this kind of power. Trump has tanked the stock market with his tweets and shown that he is incapable of being responsible with presidential power.

Trump can’t order companies to do anything. The White House has no idea what he is talking about, and the country is left totally confused by an unhinged president who can’t handle the power of the office responsibly and needs to be replaced in November 2020.