Trump Is Now Creating 59,000 Fewer Jobs A Month Than Obama

Trump’s jobs report came in lower than expected, and over the last four months has created 59,000 fewer jobs per month than Obama.

CNBC reported that the jobs numbers would have been worse without the government hiring 25,000 Census workers, “The federal government hired 25,000 temporary workers in preparation for the 2020 Census in August, giving the overall jobs gain a big bump. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 130,000 last month, which fell short of Wall Street estimates for 150,000. Employment in federal government rose by 28,000 in total in August, the Labor Department said Friday. Private-sector employment was up by only 96,000, the lowest pace since February. The weakness largely came from the retail sector, which saw a net decline in workers of 11,100 in August alone. Trade, transportation and utilities also lost 11,000 jobs, and mining and logging lost 5,000 positions.”

Here is the chart of Obama vs Trump:

Any Republican who claims that these numbers show economic strength is lying.

Trump has run the Obama recovery into the ground, and now that the economy is on fumes, the nation is starting to see the impact of Trump’s trade war and tax cuts for the rich. The economy is slowing. The job market is declining, and it is only a matter of time before the nation slips into a recession.

Obama’s accomplishments look even more impressive than already were when compared to Trump.

Obama saved the country from depression, navigated the Great Recession, and left the nation with a thriving and growing economy, which immediately tried to take credit for before sending the nation back toward a recession.

Trump can’t measure up to Obama, and his failing economy is a great reminder that although anyone can be president that doesn’t mean that they should be president.

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