White House Officials Admit To Being Beaten Down By Trump’s Stupidity

White House officials have given up on trying to correct Trump, as they say, it is not worth it to talk him out of his dumb ideas.


Nancy Cook of Politico said on MSNBC, “I talked to a number of White House officials yesterday and to me, it seems like people just didn’t want the talk about it. They shrugged and moved on. Some portion of the American population is outraged by his behavior and the way he doubles down on this, but I think people in the White House, honestly several aides have grown immune to it. They’re used to it and think it’s a battle not worth fighting to rush into the Oval Office and try to talk him out of it or tell him to put down his phone and stop tweeting. They cope by going about their business and focusing on other things. To me, there’s a sense of resignation that this is just the way the president operates and this is just part of working for him.”

The idea that White House officials are no longer going to be the guardrails for sanity and try to protect the country from Trump’s stupidity and bad ideas is terrible news for the country. Apparently, even people who work in the White House have been beaten down by the endless combination of crazy and stupid coming out of the Oval Office to the point where they aren’t trying anymore.

Trump has gotten more insane. The difference is that he is now unchecked. There is no one in the White House to stop the crazy from hitting the country full blast. We are now seeing the real Donald Trump, and why he doesn’t belong in the White House.