Trump Wants His Family To Rule America For Decades

Trump’s 2020 campaign manager admitted in a speech that Trump’s goal is to have his family rule the United States for decades.

The AP reported:

Speaking to a convention of Republican Party delegates in Indian Wells, California, Brad Parscale also said the campaign’s goal is to build a national army of 2 million trained volunteers, far beyond the president’s 2016 organization, that in California could help the GOP retake a string of U.S. House seats captured by Democrats last year.

“The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party,” he said. “One that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in.”

Parscale later declined to elaborate on his prediction of a coming Trump “dynasty,” or whether the president’s children could become candidates for public office.

It’s not the first time that there have been reports that Trump’s goal is to build a political dynasty. He has expressed a desire for his family to be America’s political royal family and has gone as far as to refer to his wife Melania as the new Jackie O.

Trump isn’t building a dynasty. He is hollowing out the Republican Party so that there will be nothing left when he’s gone. Trump has taken over the RNC and rigged the 2020 presidential primary. He has made the entire party a Trumpcentric operation. If the president loses his bid for reelection, the GOP will be nothing more than a gutted shell that will be in desperate need of a rebuild.

Donald Trump wants a dynasty. His dynastic dreams are why he attacks democracy and idolizes dictators. Trump wants his kids to be president someday, and he is more dangerous to American democracy than many want to admit.

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